SMS Marketing

Easily communicate the latest information or deals straight to your clients by sending messages directly to their mobile phone.

LittleMonkey has designed CellDirect, to help you make effective use of your customer's cellphone data. Send customers details about sales or specials, send QR codes they scan in store to receive a reward or a discount or, if you have a service or delivery business, you can remind your client of their next appointment via SMS message.

Targeted Marketing

With a robust data collection/management system in place, you can build a customer database and send offers to those customers' phones. These can be precisely targeted to customers' individual needs, ensuring a greater return on your investment than blanket advertising or mail shots.

Phone Vouchers

Use CellDirect to send vouchers to your customers' phones by MMS. Get them to present the voucher in store for a discount.


LittleMonkey's CellDirect system can link directly in to your current website and uses a sign-up feature like a newsletter. Your customer enters their name and cellphone number and you can use this information to send SMS marketing messages. To enable you to send text messages to your clients, you simply purchase credits direct from LittleMonkey. These credits are loaded to your account, which you can access through a website specifically dedicated to CellDirect.

Contact LittleMonkey to find out how CellDirect can work for you.

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